Make a Switch: Let There be Light!Mark Kobasz and Joyce Valenza

ala Matisse!
ala Dali!
ala Kandinsky!

  • Create a functional light switch plate inspired by the work of a famous artist!
  • Before you begin to create, you'll need to select a notable artist.
  • See our Art Pathfinder for ideas and resources. (Your teacher has to approve the artist!.)
  • Examine his/her work and respond to the following questions below.
  • Use the organizerto ensure your research is adequate and ready for presentation.
  • Create a Voicethread presentation to share your research and analysis. (Dr. V will help you sign up for a premium account.)

Your presentation should address:
  • Why are you attracted to this work? In what ways do you personally connect to his or her work?
  • What do you think the artist is trying to communicate?
  • Which three pieces of the artist's work do you find most interesting? (Share those pieces in your slides.)
  • Indicate how the artist is representative of its time, environment/geographic space, gender, ethnic group.
  • Present critical facts about the artist's life and style.
  • Write your own critiques of the artist's work.
  • As you research, be on the look-out for examples of work you want to include in your presentation. Be selective.
  • Shoot a digital picture of your work. You will need to describe how your work demonstrates the style/feeling/attitude of your chosen artist.
  • Keep track of your resources as you work. Your final slide(s) should be your works cited. You may use PowerPoint slides saved as jpgs for your works cited slides.

Creating your art: a painting and a clay light switch:
  • Based on your research, brainstorm and create thumbnail sketches of your ideas.
  • Have your sketch approved by your teacher
  • Select the strongest idea and create a life-size drawing using watercolor.
  • Role out a slab of clay and create your switch plate. Consider surface texture and bas- relief techniques.
  • You are ready to fire the piece!
  • Paint your fired switch plate with watercolors.
  • Find a wall!